South Pacifico Dining

Providing High Quality Food Service


South Pacifico Dining specializes in corporate dining. Since 2002 we have been serving signature dishes with great service. Providing a complete experience. Attention to detail in the way prepare our food and attention to detail in the way we interact with customers. Striving to serve the best food we can. Employing a helpful crew that will make customer service a top priority.

Mission Statement

As a family owned business we take pride in our cooking. We sincerely believe in demonstrating the highest customer satisfaction and strive to offer our customer the best value in quality and price. We are committed to offering a value-worth product with integrity and enjoyment.

Family owned and operated since 2002

Ever since our inception, we have been committed to two things: great food and great service. It really is that simple. Great food starts in the kitchen, where we ensure the food meets our standards for quality. Then we extend the care that goes into our food, into the care that goes into our customers. Making sure that at the end of their visit, they are satisfied and happy. Giving the customer a variety of options, making sure they get just what they want. Offering fresh ingredients, tasty food, and a friendly staff has been the key to success


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